“Pin” a place

As we are interested in exploring the aspect of discovery in an urban environment, there are a few analogs out there. Foursquare, Yelp and Google Places are some typical examples. However the app Matchbook seems to be pretty straightforward in doing exactly what we want our bikers to do. Discover a place in the physical world, hit a button to “pin it” on a map, and get it added to your list of favorite places. I will download the app and test the functionality right now.

“Think of it as like Foursquare or Yelp, except without all the distractions and complications of check-ins, reviews, social networking and everything else those services offer. Matchbook is just about bookmarking your favorite places.”
-Vator (from the Matchbook web site)

2 thoughts on ““Pin” a place

  1. I love this idea of “pinning”. And it seems that there is a lot of room for development beyond simply bookmarking your favorite places. For example, what if you were able to pin a song to a particular place so that when you were riding by you would hear it. Or a note for someone else: “Remember when when we walked across this bridge last November? ” Or a note for everyone else: “Watch out for the mean dog!”

  2. I like the song pinning! It’s like making a playlist based on physical location, rather than based on an ordinary playlist sequence. I have processed your ideas further, together with what we talked about in class, in the post: Audience and other thoughts. Not refined and well organized yet, but we’ll get there!