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Hello! We’re Carrie and Kristin (from left to right). We are similar in some ways—both MFA candidates in Interaction Design at the School of Visual Arts (SVA IxD), both equally frustrated with badly designed services and systems, both love riding our bikes for transportation despite the NYC taxis, delivery trucks and occasional rain. Though, we are different in other ways.

Kristin loves a few things in life—cheese, food, service design, games, concerts, using her human power to beat the transportation systems. Kristin is inspired by her environment. She loves finding nooks within the city that have interesting people and stories (and the internet of course—as she will claim first-hand that she is indeed an internet addict). She comes from a background of Information Science with 4 years of work as an user experience designer in Oslo, Norway. She is very meticulous with giving instructions and in her thinking around creative solutions for a given problem.

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Carrie was born in Missouri, learned to design buildings in Kansas, and lost her heart to a Texan in Portland, Oregon. Who knows where Carrie’s energy and optimism might come from, but it sure helps her when solving any kind of problem she sets her mind to tackle. When working as an architect, Carrie got drawn to learning more about people’s behavior. This spurred her toward interaction design and New York City. Carrie aims to create clever designs that change behavior at both a systems and personal level – and right now urban biking is on the agenda. Carrie also loves drawing in small scale, writing on old typewriters and putting things on walls.

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