Following up on Frank Chimero’s suggestion about having two buttons – one to get lost, and one to not get lost, we’ve been thinking a bit about the possibility to encourage wandering and discovering new areas with your bike. When we did our post-it analysis last week, we tried our best to make sure we emphasized this opportunity by making a high level purple category for it:

But then we realized, as much as we like this feature, neither Carrie or I are often “getting lost” on purpose with our bikes. We mainly ride from A to B, and try our best to not take any detours. We might simply not be the target audience for such a feature, and have no real insight into how the “bike wanderers” behave. So we went around to ask our classmates if they possibly could fill us in… All of a sudden the Wandering category had a lot more content:

From this we learnt two things; something about wandering specifically, but also something about our process. We need to talk to people sooner rather than later – let’s do some interviews!

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