Thoughts in Progress: Values, Tech, Splash Page

Our thought progress after meeting with Willy on February 2, 2012:

1. Altruism & Social Good
selfless concern for the welfare of others

2. Naturally Active Lifestyle
healthy lifestyle, efficiency
“We bike, of course”

3. Adventure & New Experiences
openness to new places and things
love for a place, hunger for life
“Life’s too short for monotony”

4. Connecting with People
sharing life and lifestyle

5. Expressiveness & Creativity
having style
good design, quality products

6. Independence
free of systems and institution

- automate data transfer from email to server
- parse data for processing
- activate processing to render
- display various views: aggregated, groups, individual
- compile stats (ex: distance, time spent riding, neighborhoods covered)
- map views (Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island, Queens)
- twitter feed
- notifications for achieved milestones (ex: riding 100 miles, riding for consecutive days, tracking, coloring hoods) and needed encouragement (ex: not riding)

Short Description

1. Choose your color
2. Bike Persona
- Neighborhood Warrior
- Casual Commuter
- Committed Commuter
- Strictly for Pleasure (Leisure Rider)
3. Reserve username with Twitter (or leave email)

- Want 6-10 stories by May based on interviews with bikers
- Get a photo of bikers
- Choose meeting points for each biker
- Tie string on handlebars
Interview Questions:
- Tell us about the places you go on your bike (favorite, where you meet people, latest ride)
- What is your take on weather
- Do you try to get your friends to ride?
- Any strange encounters?
- Goals?

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