Tracking Instructions MotionX

If you want to contribute your rides to our SPOKED platform, please get MotionX for the iPhone. We chose this because it is the easiest app for sharing your rides with us on SPOKED right now. Below follows instructions for setting up MotionX, and how to track your rides.

SHARING SETTINGS: Menu > Setup > Share

1. Scroll down to Email share.

2. Set Email Share switch to ON.

3. Write your Display name: Firstname Lastname

4. Send to:

5. To keep track of whether or not you have shared all rides, you could add your own email address too in another field.

6. Set One-Click share to ON. Then you can easily hit the Share button after you biked, and your data will be sent to SPOKED immediately.

TRACK RIDES: Menu > Record track

1. Hit Reset track if you have previously tracked a ride, to make sure you start at 00:00:00.

2. Hit Start track. This typically needs to happen when you’re outside so the phone has GPS signal – when globe is blue & green.


3. Pause track when you’re at your destination.

4. Save track

5. Share track. With the click of one button the ride will be shared with SPOKED and your own email account if you provided that in the setup.


Please try to share your rides immediately after you stop tracking. But if you forget, you can share a track from Menu > Tracks, or Menu > Share:

VOICE COACHING: Menu > Setup > Voice Coaching

Depending on how often you want this sexy woman to update you on your pace etc, change settings here. The 3,2,1 countdown is kinda entertaining, so leave it on if you want to feel like a rocket ready to launch every time you jump on your bike!

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  1. We actually do have this working for Android My Tracks as well now (Carrie has an Android, so that was kinda crucial). Though “working” might not be the right word to use just yet… We’re in need of some data from our classmates to have a bit more data when we build, which is why we wrote these app instructions. We need to keep it somewhat constrained to a small circle of friends for now as we haven’t figured out privacy settings and the log-in part just yet. We’ll definitely let the world know when we can open this up to more people!