Target Audience

We took a good look at all the wonderful #BikeNYC portraits by Dmitry Gudkov. Then we tried to guess who is likely to use our product. This is plainly based on this one small paper version of a portrait photo, silly stereotyping, and us imagining what kind of person this possibly could be. We even made up stories of some in order to place them right on our sliding scale. “Would this person have a smart phone?”, “Does this person even care about tracking?”, “Is this person too hip, too old, too busy, too …?”. It’s far from scientific, but it definitely helped us thinking of who will be key users of the Paint Your City platform.

By the way, this is true for all the photos except one, as we actually met the amazing Julie (blogger and commuter on a Linus) on the Tour de Taco last year. You might notice that we secretly hope she will be painting her city from her bike :) Click on the image below to see all portraits placed on the axis of most to least likely to use our service.

5 thoughts on “Target Audience

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  2. Wait- What is this? Is your product real or an experiment? I’ll use it.

    Sorry I bailed after one or two stops on the Taco Tour. Whooops!

  3. You’ll use it? YEAH! It’s not real yet unfortunately, but we’re working on it, and we’re coding a web site as we speak :) We hope to get a prototype up mid-March for beta-testing. We’ll display bike rides as beautiful visualizations on a map in a web page, and let our bikers compare their rides with others.

    In this initial test, bikers will use an existing tracking app to track their rides, and then we’ll see if we get to build a much awesomer tracking app than what’s out there already afterwards… :) Either way, our product will be focused on the joy of getting around on a bike, being close to and explore the city, rather than speed and calorie counting. (Can totally relate to your skin to asfalt rule btw!) And we figured people that appreciate taco hunts by bike could be up for something like this. Maybe you’ll be up for some prototype testing later?

  4. It looks like I’m on the “yes I’m in!” side of the picture! So count me in as a prototype tester.

    As a daily commuter, I would love to be the orange (my country color) line going accross NYC!

    I’m currently a beta tester for the new Strava Android app, so bring it on!

  5. Of course, those who can’t find themselves in the “Yes, I’m in!” category, can still definitely be in if they want. Just to make that clear ;)

    Either way, you are in, Shmuli! We’re figuring out the color scheme right now, but orange should be on the palette, indeed. We’ll let you know when there’s something to test!