Prototype Roundtable Notes

This is what we told our critics:
Our aim is to motivate people to ride bikes.
Our hypothesis is that when you can see where you have been on a map, you will be inspired to go more places.

Our value for the individual is making a record of your life on a bike. If you have friends on the platform, the value added is to compete, be inspired, or collaborate on a map. We also shared with them our working prototype.

The feedback we received:

“It’s both a 1 person video game and a 2 person video game” – Cooper
If it’s about comparing, what choices are you making about how you are showing comparisons—what mechanisms are you using
Ex: velocity vs. acceleration (velocity is how fast you are going, but acceleration is the rate at which you are increasing)—If I’m beating Kristin, at what rate am I beating her; can I compare how well I’m beating her this week to last week?
We should be able to say “I chose this because…”

The overlap is interesting
Is it about documentation or being inspired?
How are we incentivizing people?
Typography on maps
Documenting vs. information
- how do you make the data information
- contextualize it
Tell a few stories of how it’s used

What makes people want to keep coming back to use it?
“See your snazzy patterns emerge on a map” is not enough —amit
Is it only about seeing?
- it’s telling you where you have been in your city and how often you ride; it says something about you
Your bike habits say something about you.
What we’re making: Uses the rides you take on a bike as a form of self expression.
- How do people react at a party?

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