Advice from Open Plans

As I mentioned in the previous post, the MVP itself has its complexities. Here is the run-down of the layers involved for the mapping software.

1. Map tiles (provided by Open Layers, Poly Layers, Google)
2. Routing services (Open Trip Planner, NavItGoogle)
3. NYC bike network (found on the GIS file)
4. Software for to convert turn-by-turn directions to audio and re-route
5. GPS tracking

Other notes from meeting at Open Plans:
Connect with the bike nerd community: Get biking software developers together to lead a discussion and work session for how the thing can be developed. Check out Bike NYC Tech meet-up.

Note: We need to draw the line between what we will program and what we will get help with.

Research: apps and open-source software for turn-by-turn directions and routing, geo-fencing, place-based audio tools, Rodify, Ways, Filter Bubble (book), Android extension kit

Connect with Transportation Alternatives, Ride the City, and NYC Bike Tech meetup