From Mr. Carlsen

Notes per our conversation with Robert Carlsen
January 27, 2012, Champignon Cafe

Robert does not recommend building on Mobile Logger. But he is willing to give us the API code so that we can use it and have rides automatically uploaded to our own server if we want to use it for prototyping.

For a database, Mobile Logger is using Couch DB
- ride data is sent as JSON object to Couch DB, then transformed into document
- API (written in Ruby) pulls data from Couch DB
- Note: ride data is not associated with a user; you need the phone ID number to associate a user with their data
- Data is visualized in the web browser (using R)

If we used Mobile Logger code, we could use processing.js, but would need to write a script to reformat the data.

Look into Google Fusion Tables instead of a database (gather, visualize and share data online)
- visualize and publish your data as maps, timelines and charts
- host your data tables online
- combine data from multiple people
Google My Tracks publishes to google spreadsheets (only for android)
If we used Fusion Tables, we would need to write code in his existing code to connect Mobile Logger to Fusion Tables.
We can import any data into fusion tables (it seems)

Other tracking options:
- Training Peaks Cycle Tracker
- Golden Cheetah
- Bike Nik
- more…

Inspiration: NIKE Signature Moves posters

Our basic needs for tracking:
- iphone compatibility (necessary)
- android compatibility (preferable)
- export ride data from phone after ride (at least via email, at most to fusion tables or database)

Side Research on Google Fusion Tables:
- test styling of google maps
- how do we import data to fusion tables?
- collaborative sharing vs. private sharing on the same map? etc.
- what are our viz capabilities with google maps? can we use a description like “rain” and filter rides for the viz based on that

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